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Our Business Model is Simple and Our Pay Plan is Packed with Limitless Income Potential!

Key point #1: Research. We use your market research to identify the hottest mobile app and game ideas anywhere on the planet. The market research industry generates over $40 billion a year in revenue!

Key point #2 Development. We take your ideas and needs we learn from you and develop apps and games. These could be your ideas, your friend’s ideas, your children’s ideas or even your neighbor’s kids ideas. Ideas can come from anywhere - Imagine the Possibilities!

This market research (#1) combined with software development (#2) positions Voltage Partners like no other company in the world. In fact, we are the first company in the world that “crowdsources” ideas for mobile apps and games.

Key Point #3 Distribution. There are millions of apps and games that are never successful. Why? Distribution.

We take your mobile apps and games and distribute them through the largest social gaming hub ever, AMPHub! AMPHub is based on the concept that combining games with a social network can bring in millions of users which is the basis of, you guessed it, distribution! So the third genius part of the business model is distributing your apps and games like no one else!

As a Member of Voltage Partners, You Can Be Paid for Each of the Three Parts: Research, Development, and Distribution

1. Research: You and your team get paid for research.

2. Development: You and your team get paid for successful ideas

3. Distribution: You and your team get paid for sharing mobile apps and games.


With the Global Development Pool, the longer you are with Voltage Partners, the more you earn from all successful ideas regardless of rank or title.

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