How Cool Would it be to Have Your Own Mobile Game

Just when you think, “can Voltage Partners really get any cooler?

This happens . . .

These are VIPs who have already received their Mobile Game and are waiting for their game to launch in the AMPHub.

The AMPHub is the Future of Social Gaming! Just think, you can Get Paid for Sharing One, Fun, Free, Addictive App!



Check out the AMPHub, currently available on iOS and coming to Android and Desktop around the 4th of July!

As an Associate of the AMPHub you could potentially earn  $$ from every free users you invite!


Voltage Partners crowd sources Ideas for Software, Mobile apps, and Games from all over the world and develops the BEST ONES. You do not need any experience or technical skills to become a Voltage Idea Partner. Learn more about Voltage Here

As a BONUS for the month of June, we are offering a TOTAL GAME CHANGER!!

The next 150 people that  become VIPs before June 30th will not only get to take advantage of the many benefits of being a Idea Partner including several streams of income, but you will also get Your Name on a Mobile Game!   

Yes… You read that correctly.  

Your very own game!  Your Game will be featured in the AMPHub(!), as well as being submitted to the Apple app and Google Play stores. 


Don’t Wait on this Once-in-a-Lifetime Offer. Lock in your spot today! Get back to the person that shared this blog or visit Today!

Special Announcement for Voltage Idea Partners

Special Announcement for All Paid Voltage Idea Partners. 

As you know, we have been working hard on the AMP program the last several months. We see the AMPHub as a great product for everyone globally as the first social gaming network of its kind.  Also, the AMPhub platform, as it goes viral, will be the perfect place to post our new VIP Apps as they are developed.  Almost all of our development resources have been dedicated to getting this product up and running, live on all viable platforms (iOS, Android, and (very soon!) Desktop).

As for the future of Voltage Partners: 

We are very excited about Voltage Partners and have received great ideas for software, mobile apps, and games from many Idea Partners around the globe. We are anxious to continue developing these ideas and get them into the app stores.

In the meantime, we have decided to give each of our paid VIPs their very own game! 

You will be contacted here shortly about the details. This is an exciting time for everyone as we are putting out great mobile apps and games to the market. Once the AMPhub is up and running at full capacity, we will take the VIP named games and place them individually into the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.  Current VIPs will earn revenue from their app/play store placed game. Very exciting.  (This process of placing these games into the app stores will not slow us from continuing to develop VIP apps and games as we have developed software to quickly place our developed games and apps on multiple platforms.)

If your account happens to be past due, you will have until June 25, 2017 to bring it current and take advantage of this special offer. 


Your Idea / Survey Submission

Attention all VIPs 

With only 2 days left in the month, it is very important you get your Survey or Idea submission completed ASAP.

To qualify for the month, either an Idea or a Survey submission is acceptable. Remember, all your VIP benefits are attached to your required submission, including your Global Development Points.

If you have not done so already, log into your back office and click on “Ideas” from the menu. Use your newly designed eForm for simple submissions. This should take you no longer than a few minutes.

Remember, as a research and development company, the market data you submit will be vital for all of our overall success as a company. 

If you have not read through the Compensation Plan in full detail, Visit Our Business Page and download it today.


Have a safe New Year!! 




Today is the start of the next chapter of your Voltage Partners business! Today we started the pre-launch phase of the AMP Store. We could not be more excited for you!

Very Important: IF YOU ARE A CURRENT VIP, DO NOT CREATE AN AMP ACCOUNT! Current VIPs can login to their AMP back office on or through their Voltage Partners back office.

Simply login to your Voltage Partners back office @ and click on “” from the back office menu. You will automatically be logged into your AMP back office. If for some reason it wants you to log in, simply use the same credentials as your Voltage Partners account. Again, please do not create a separate AMP account.

Once in your back office, you can click on the “Marketing” link to get your links to start sharing your new AMP business and filling your matrix. Remember, once you get your first three levels full, you can grab a second position in the matrix. That’s not all, you can also grab a third position! You can see the details of this in the AMP Compensation Plan.

We are LIVE with the new pricing packages. Among other improvements, you will notice in your back office under “Ideas” the new electronic Idea and Survey submission forms. We know how big of a deal these are and how simple it will now be to submit all your app ideas and surveys. Remember you are required to submit one idea or survey every month to stay “Active” and continue receiving your VIP benefits, including your Global Development Points.

Starting tonight we will be doing LIVE “AMP Your Income with APPS” sizzle calls Monday – Friday 9pm EST and Saturday 12:00 EST (great for 9-5ers looking for a better way). These calls are only around 15 minutes long and are designed to help you build your matrix and build it fast.


Send this link to everyone you know to get them registered.

Global Registration URL:

United States ONLY: +1 (631) 992-3221

Access Code: 155-421-685

Happy AMPing!

Message from the CEO

Welcome to your new Voltage Partners site!  Please poke around and see the new look, content, functionality, and AMP!

  • New look:
    • Cleaner interface
    • Less pages
    • “Clickable” tiles
  • New Content:
    • More focused messaging
    • Graphics
    • Blog
  • New Functionality:
    • Online Idea Submission
    • Online Survey Submission
    • AMP membership (for current VIPs)
  • AMP
    • New money earning opportunity
    • As a VIP, your back office is tied to your AMP back office allowing you to easily control both businesses.

These new additions are not just for your benefit as you visit the site, but, more importantly, they are designed to aid you as you build your team of VIPs and grow your AMP earnings.  And we are not done yet!  In the upcoming weeks you will find more and more functionality, both on the website and in your back offices.

We are in the process of building our first wave of apps that have come as a result of idea submissions.  These apps will be in the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and in our own AMP Store.  Things are looking bright!

We want to say “Thanks” to those who have been with us for all or much of our journey.  You have been great!  To all those who have recently come on board – don’t worry!  You’re still coming in on the ground floor!

Here’s to progress!


CEO, Voltage Partners, Inc.